Two ways to start to build an influence online

Today I had a bit of a revelation and just had to share it with you. It happened as I read the Day 19 post in the Suitcase Entrepreneur’s 30 Day Blog Challenge which was entitled ‘How to become influential and attract sponsors and media attention’. In this post, Natalie goes through many different ways to start to build an influence online by attracting sponsors and media attention. The thing that really stood out for me was a clear distinction she made when she outlined the ‘Two main ways that you can start to build influence’.


These two main ways were as follows :

  1. Be a Leading Learner – this was described as a person who is continually up skilling themselves and learning new ways to stay on top of their game and then goes ahead and teaches all of this knowledge to others.
  2. Be a Mediapreneur – according to Natalie, this term was coined by David Siteman Garland as a person who builds their own platform and brand based on their unique skill set and then creates digital products based on their knowledge and expertise.


This was such a key distinction for me as I am quite a methodical and process driven person so to see it laid out as two separate categories for some reason created a bit of an ‘Ah ha!’ moment.




What’s so important about this distinction?


When you categorise these two methods in this way, it makes it very clear the purpose and actions that are taken to become one or the other. It also helps your followers to recognise and get to know exactly what it is that you do and how you do it so that they know what to expect from you.


I am taking this analysis one step further and putting forward the idea that you would be either one or the other and not both ie. Either a Leading Learner OR a Mediapreneur. I haven’t read or heard this anywhere as such but it seems to make more sense to me that you would choose one or the other and not try to do both, well at least in the outset… So for me, understanding this distinction is a huge help in defining and crafting the strategies I will undertake moving forward with my business.


What do you think? Was this a valuable distinction for you? Leave me a comment with your thoughts…


Day 20 of the Blog challenge looks very interesting – it’s about online tools and resources so I’m looking forward to that one, there should be a lot of good stuff in there.


Stay tuned x

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